Savoy Leather Texas Flag Belt


Show your Texas pride with a handmade black leather belt and Texas flag tip detail. Savoy Leather items are all handcrafted with American materials.

  • Please read the description below for proper sizing

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Texas Flag Belt tip and overall black leather belt is standard.
These Single Layer Custom Belts are made of heavy leather and can be stamped and colored how you want it! Be sure to leave a note to make it clear how you want your art laid out.


To order, please measure a belt (that fits you) from the turnback end (where the leather folds over the buckle) to the hole in the other end of the belt that you use.
(*Please do this with a belt that you currently use! Add 2 inches if you’re not measuring a Carry Belt.)

Just telling us your waist size WILL result in a belt that does not fit properly, so please use the directions above for sizing.


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Savoy Leather

Savoy Leather