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The Falcon Leather Gun Holster is great for those who love wildlife. Choose your gun model, carry style and dye color specifications today.

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Every stylish Savoy Leather holster is handcrafted from fine American heavy leather, Hand molded to the specific gun model and dyed in custom color.

These stylish holsters have an average 15° forward cant and are available in left and right handed versions.

All Savoy Leather Holsters are made from American materials from the heavy leather, to the thread, dye and oil.

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2 reviews for The Falcon

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    sokolvathehuntress (verified owner)

    Absolutely love this holster. The picture does not do it justice; the art is far more bold, striking, and definite on mine. You can see every feather on the bird, and the claws look fantastic and dark. The eyes look a bit odd in the sample picture above, whereas on the actual holster, they are striking and bright. I absolutely love this holster and the way it turned out; it is gorgeous. I use if for my EDC and CCW daily, and find it to be a very comfortable way to carry a huge gun!

    My setup for those who are interested for their own research / info:
    Pistol: IWI Jericho 941 9mm 3.8 inch barrel, Full steel

    Falcon Savoy leather holster, Inside & Outside the Waistband setup.
    (I ordered the one for the Magnum Research Baby Eagle which is literally the same pistol, imported under a different name}

    Gun Belt: Daltech Force Gun Belt, Metal Core
    (It is a very tight fit on the holster, but broke in after the first or second time wearing it. If you want to use this setup and you are patient you can get the very thick belt to fit through those seemingly small belt loop slits, and then it just gets easier and easier from then on.}

    Belt Buckle: Cast Raven skull belt buckle by Skeletos in Germany. The husband and wife team don’t sell this anymore on their shop but would probably make one custom. They are great artists, and I highly recommend. One thing to note, I am probably going to take this belt buckle to a blacksmith or jeweler to get it altered to a more typical american hook belt latch method to make it latch on this incredibly thick gun belt with even more ease. It works well now, but that is just a preference of mine.

    I am now looking into purchasing an extra magazine holster from Savoy as well. Their holsters are amazing and I always let people try mine and and recommend them because of how fantastically they work and how beautiful they are.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    sokolvathehuntress (verified owner)

    Review Part 2 (Part 1 above, will update periodically as time passes and as things change!)

    Updating with a few things that I thought were noteworthy that I did with this holster; still continuing to wear it every day of course since it got it, which has been quite a few months now. I noticed that some of the edges on this holster were becoming rough in the places where they chafe against chairs that I am sitting in or against my clothing. Deciding to take action immediately rather than waiting for damage to develop over the years of wear, I watched some great videos by Andrews Custom Leather and others on sealing edges of holsters:
    I used Tandy’s Edge Kote which is cheap on amazon and created a beautiful glossy black edge seal that feels very smooth and protective. From what I understand, any edge coating like this will last for a while and protect the ends of the leather from getting worn depending on how intensely they are used, and then they can be periodically recoated. Sort of like cleaning and caring for your leather, needing to be done only every couple of years most likely. I edged this holster with the edge coat and it looked really sharp, I really like the appearance of the beautiful Savoy Leather edge fade with the sharp edge coating that is glossy and smooth at the edges. Just be very careful and take your time while applying. It isn’t hard and is very rewarding and worth it.

    Next, I used Neatsfoot oil to oil the leather as a traditional and natural protectant, lubricant, and water repellent. Definitely make sure to use Pure, one hundred percent Neatsfoot oil, rather than Neatsfoot oil compound, because that has things that can break down your leather over time, while the pure stuff is gold for leather. It does darken leather very attractively, making it a rich color that will lighten back up over time but will never quite go back to how light it was originally. Make sure to just put it lightly on the holster, let it soak in and then buff it off, if you drench too much oil on a holster it can ruin it. Like every good thing, this requires moderation to be good. The Neatsfoot oil helped to heal and hide all the little scratches I’ve acquired on the holster from every day, rough usage. I am super impressed so far with how well the art and impression is standing up, they are as clear as they were when I got the holster, and the paint stays extremely well!

    The holster is currently hanging and drying from the oil so I can ensure it fully is soaked in and dried. I am currently waiting on the Acrylic Resolene to arrive, a coating that can be sprayed on leather to further waterproof it, seal it, and protect it. According to leather workers who work with holsters and other leathers with tough wear, Resolene can seal the leather well enough to last for years without needing to be reoiled, because it gets into the pores and seals them.

    Just thought I’d post all this info here in case anyone else wanted to do the same care for their hard-working Savoy holsters to give them some TLC and proactive care!

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